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Now you can understand your business and your market, formulate an executable, strategic marketing plan, all while maximizing the return on your marketing investment

Integrated Marketing Consulting Services

As an extension to your organization, we integrate the resources you need to meet defined business and marketing objectives. Tactics are integrated to ensure brand and messaging consistency.

Market Research – Gather information about markets and customers to guide business decisions for a particular project.

Market Intelligence – Gather market information through agents in the field, publications, and experience.

Marketing Communications – Messages and media used to communicate with a market to promote a product or service, including the ways in which to reach the target market.

Marketing Analytics – Process and metrics use to evaluate the success of marketing strategies by gathering and studying the data from all marketing channels (website, blogs, social media, etc.).

Strategic Planning – Develop and define the strategy, direction and decision-making the whole organization must take to achieve its defined goals

Marketing Strategy Development – One facet of a strategic plan, which aims to direct the promotion of products and services by defining target markets, marketing goals, research, and evaluative metrics.

Direct Marketing – Communicate with the customer using text messages, email, online ads, interactive websites, databases, letters, commercials, and other advertisements.

Email Marketing – Email ads, newsletters, requests for business or donations, and surveys designed to build loyalty to your brand.

Social Media Marketing – Drive website traffic and business through social media by developing content that attracts attention and is shareable on the Internet.

Digital Marketing – Monitor what is being viewed, how often, use of data to identify how well marketing campaigns are working.

Collateral Development – Printed materials promoting a business and its products and services.

Product Marketing and Management – Market-centric go-to-market strategy development and implementation from design to distribution.

Business Intelligence – Raw business data organized to better direct business decisions concerning strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats, products, costs and revenue.

Competitive Analysis – How marketing initiatives measure up against competitors

Database Development – Help ensure database and application development and implementation meet defined business requirements.

Demand Generation – Target marketing programs to drive interest and awareness of products and services.

Website Design and Development – Construct organized and eye-catching websites to best market your products and services.

Web Communities – Create virtual social networks including forums, blogs, and other social applications

E-Commerce Marketing – Marketing products and services online, magnifying your business beyond a physical location.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Increase the visibility of a website using a search engine's organic search results.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) – Use of search engine optimization in order to increase visibility of website and drive viewers to your page often through AdWords campaigns.

Advertising Campaign Management – Development of advertisements, messaging, creative, and their placement.

Event Planning – Design and execution of company events, including fundraising events.

Strategic Partnerships – Recommendations for partnerships to complement corporate mission.








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